Monday, April 14, 2014


Usually logistics costs associated with the transport of goods from one place to another play an important role in the study of costs, these can give the green light to purchase teams or be very high and may result in the rejection of the entirely project.

The type of transportation you choose depends on the type of product and the availability of time and money. Send goods by air can be costly in money, but at the same time you can save valuable time. Normally the shipping documents is made by air. Maritime shipments are used to reduce costs, but the arrival time is lengthened.

The containers have been adapted to send any type of goods, can be found in different sizes, refrigerated, open at the top , open at the sides, single platform, etc. .

Also a full container shipments can be made, Full Container Loaded: FCL, or less than a container, Less Container Load, LCL.

Container sizes:
  • Standard 20 feet, this container can store a volume of 28 cubic meters and a maximum weight of about 28 Ton.
  • Standard 40 feet, this container can store a volume of 58 cubic meters and a maximum weight of about 28 Ton.
  • Standard 40 High Cube, this container can store a volume of 68 cubic meters and a maximum weight of approximately 28 Ton.

When shipping with Bestly Tools, we will guide and suggest the best option according to the specific order, when you check out in our system, you will see a suggestion. However we will contact you to explore all possible alternatives with their prices so you can make your purchase in the most effective cost-benefit way.

Types of Containers

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Monday, April 7, 2014


In order to make the process of importing products easier, we want to give you a brief introduction to the logistics of shipping process, below, you will find a small guide to the most important subjects you need to know to import your goods smoothly and successfully, in that way you will speak the same language as logistics companies, shipping companies, agents, forwarders, tec.You will understand the acronyms, processes, among other things.

Also Bestly Tools will accompany you throughout the process from product selection, delivery and receipt at destination, we're here to guide you from start to finish.

One of the most important issues to consider are the terms of purchase and the responsibilities assumed by each of the parties to each order. These terms are also known as Incoterms, the last update was the same in 2010.

Regarding doing business with China  the most common term is FOB, if you make a purchase with "FOB Price", Free on Board, you should be aware that your responsibility starts from the moment the container is on the ship, your provider will handle the production and transportation to the port, thereafter the charge is your responsibility.

If the purchase is made ​​with "CIF", Cost Insurance and Freight, your responsibility as a buyer starts at port of destination, the supplier will be responsible for costs, shipping and insurance. To ensure the comfort of our customers, orders with Bestly Tools are handled as CIF, so you can focus on what you do best and we with our logistics team will deliver the goods to your country in the best conditions.

Shipping and Logistics-Incoterms

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