Monday, April 14, 2014


Usually logistics costs associated with the transport of goods from one place to another play an important role in the study of costs, these can give the green light to purchase teams or be very high and may result in the rejection of the entirely project.

The type of transportation you choose depends on the type of product and the availability of time and money. Send goods by air can be costly in money, but at the same time you can save valuable time. Normally the shipping documents is made by air. Maritime shipments are used to reduce costs, but the arrival time is lengthened.

The containers have been adapted to send any type of goods, can be found in different sizes, refrigerated, open at the top , open at the sides, single platform, etc. .

Also a full container shipments can be made, Full Container Loaded: FCL, or less than a container, Less Container Load, LCL.

Container sizes:
  • Standard 20 feet, this container can store a volume of 28 cubic meters and a maximum weight of about 28 Ton.
  • Standard 40 feet, this container can store a volume of 58 cubic meters and a maximum weight of about 28 Ton.
  • Standard 40 High Cube, this container can store a volume of 68 cubic meters and a maximum weight of approximately 28 Ton.

When shipping with Bestly Tools, we will guide and suggest the best option according to the specific order, when you check out in our system, you will see a suggestion. However we will contact you to explore all possible alternatives with their prices so you can make your purchase in the most effective cost-benefit way.

Types of Containers

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Monday, April 7, 2014


In order to make the process of importing products easier, we want to give you a brief introduction to the logistics of shipping process, below, you will find a small guide to the most important subjects you need to know to import your goods smoothly and successfully, in that way you will speak the same language as logistics companies, shipping companies, agents, forwarders, tec.You will understand the acronyms, processes, among other things.

Also Bestly Tools will accompany you throughout the process from product selection, delivery and receipt at destination, we're here to guide you from start to finish.

One of the most important issues to consider are the terms of purchase and the responsibilities assumed by each of the parties to each order. These terms are also known as Incoterms, the last update was the same in 2010.

Regarding doing business with China  the most common term is FOB, if you make a purchase with "FOB Price", Free on Board, you should be aware that your responsibility starts from the moment the container is on the ship, your provider will handle the production and transportation to the port, thereafter the charge is your responsibility.

If the purchase is made ​​with "CIF", Cost Insurance and Freight, your responsibility as a buyer starts at port of destination, the supplier will be responsible for costs, shipping and insurance. To ensure the comfort of our customers, orders with Bestly Tools are handled as CIF, so you can focus on what you do best and we with our logistics team will deliver the goods to your country in the best conditions.

Shipping and Logistics-Incoterms

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Monday, March 31, 2014


Bestly Tools is proud to introduce you to the new Bestly electric fork lift trucks, versatile due to its small turning radius of only 170 cm, 2 tons capacity and a standard maximum lift height of 550 cm, which can be extended according to your needs, useful for small and tall halls. Another feature of our forklift is worth highlighting its German engine and transmission, includes battery and charger.

Besides this our truck comes in a green color that is clearly visible in its facilities contributing to security, green is the color of nature inspires peace and quiet, which indirectly help operators overcome their day high stress that are experienced in loading and unloading operations.

Being electric, you are helping to have a cleaner world and reduce carbon footprint.

Those were some features of our new equipment if you want to know more about them please contact us, we will gladly give you the information needed to clarify their doubts.

To acquire the latest model truck or forklift for your facilities is not the only thing you should consider to enhance the working environment or conditions of your employees. It is also important to keep in mind that they are people who will be responsible to drive them, so they must be trained and should have minimum knowledge of the respective safety regulations for the safe use of the equipment and its operation.

Bestly Tools reminds you some important information about forklifts, please note also specific regulations of your own country might apply.
  • Forklifts are usually led by the rear wheels
  • It’s easier to turn loaded than without load (because the load is balanced with counterweights )
  • They have a center of gravity towards the back and lean forward when lifting forks
  • The center of gravity of a forklift moves depending on load placement, for this reason it moves when accelerating, braking and turns.
  • Tilt the mast back when traveling with load may help to create a better balance between the load and equipment.
  • The handling of the truck unloaded is of equal or greater importance as loaded, unloaded is more likely to rollover by the counterweight.
  • The operator must always keep arms and legs inside the vehicle.
  • The operator should sit facing the direction in which is traveling and not continue driving if the load will obstruct vision.
  • When lifting a load the operator must ensure that it is balanced, does not exceed the capacity of the truck and there are no obstructions.
  • When traveling with load keep the right side of the road, be careful with oil stains and is recommended to have the forks lowered.

For more tips on forklift operators contact us or visit the Administration for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA). Bestly Tools is not responsible for the content of this news, it is merely informative.

Forklift Trucks-Bestly Tools

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Know the Right Roller Cover to Buy

Being in the construction industry requires you to use certain tools and equipments to ensure that the structure is finished according to plan. For carpenters who are assigned to finish the exterior and interior details of the project, it is very important to have the necessary tools. One of the best tools needed to help them accomplish their job is the roller cover. Knowing the right roller cover to get can directly affect the quality of work.

Different Types of Roller Cover

There are actually different kinds of roller cover products that are being offered in the market. Depending on the surface, the material, size, etc., you can just easily choose the right roller cover. There are just too many materials that you have to deal with. For instance, do you have to paint wool, foam or a fabric? It is just important that you know the differences and the usage of every type of roller cover.

Roller Cover Nap Length

If you need to use a rollercover for smooth surfaces like interior doors, trim, cabinets and metal doors then you need to use the 3/16’’ to 1/4'’ nap length. This is ideal for semi-gloss coatings with all oil and water based enamels.

Semi smooth surfaces will require you to use a roller cover that has a nap length of 3/8’’ to 1/2'’. This kind of roller cover is ideal to use on painted or unpainted walls. It is also recommended for walls and ceilings.

Another type of roller cover is the one that has a 3/4'’ to 1’’ nap length is used for semi rough surfaces. This is great for stucco. However, if you need to handle rough surfaces then you have to use a roller cover that has a nap length of 1 ¼ '’ to 1 1/2'’. This specific tool allows you to paint even on bricks, cinder blocks, fences and a whole lot more.

For standard surfaces, you can definitely get a standard roller cover that is 7’’ to 12’’ wide. With so many brands now made available, you can definitely choose which product to get. In fact, you can also purchase the necessary tools that you need over the Internet.

Bestly Toosl-Roller Cover

Monday, May 6, 2013

Get the Best Painting Tools

A painter does not just perform his job by mere using of his hand. Like any other vocation, he needs some painting tools to help accomplish what he intends to do. He needs brush roller, pallet knife, sponge and a whole lot more just as a carpenter needs hammer, meter, etc, to have their work done.

Even the ordinary house painter needs these painting tools to daub on the paint necessary to have a good house face lift up. He may even need a ladder if the house ceiling is too high so that he can carry out his job and accomplish the tasks.

A painter of taller structures like buildings with multiple stories will need sophisticated painting tools to hoist him up while doing his painting job. He cannot just perform his painting job without a platform that will hold him a stable place and not risk his life. Because of the difficulty of painting a whole building, it provides painters to have good pay.

The painting requirements of a building start down under the basement and up to the roof top of the building including the interior sections. It is therefore a must for some to invest in quality painting tools which allow the painter to have better output.

Painting Tools for Artistic Painters

This necessity to acquire painting tools cannot be far less for a painter doing portraits on canvass. Whatever a painter is into, be it a mural interpretation of something that will cater to the viewing delight of his prospective clients, be it a canvas portraying a human being and a scenic spot, all the more that he will need the best painting tools to give to be able to produce the best art pieces.

For a painter to draw the best visual interpretations, different painting tools will definitely be of great help. These painting tools allow painters to easily blend colors, create varieties of textures and even to have a drawing with three dimensional effects. With the different styles and techniques used by a painter, viewers can appreciate these art pieces more.

Buy the Best Painting Tools

If you are into painting and if you practically need of these painting tools for your profession, you can buy from shops nearest you or you can also purchase online. There are a lot of sellers and brands of the different painting tools that painters need.

Bestly Tools-Painting Tools

Grow Your Business with Bestly Tools

Bestly Tools was established in 2009 by an experienced group with more than 40 years of activities including imports, exports, wholesaling, manufacturing and management of retail stores.

We are a globally export company providing our customers with a full range of hand tools, painting tools, spray paints, safety tools.

We have established close and exclusive relationships with factories, mainly in China, giving us the capability to place individualized orders such as product modifications, brand logos placement and the packaging adaptation to any specification, providing our customers with most suitable products for each market needs.  

Since now Bestly Tools have operations in South and Central America and received positive feedback from our customers. 

From now on we are actively welcoming import companies, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, from any country in the world to expand their business through Bestly Tools products. Visit us at

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buy Quality and Affordable Painting Tools

Painting tasks are now made much easier and more efficient with the development of various painting tools. Depending on your budget, needs and personal preferences, you get to have a lot of options when it comes to the painting tools that you need. Before you buy the tools that you need, you need to consider some factors to make sure that you would not end up wasting your money.

Purpose of Painting Tools

There are different painting tools that are now being offered in the market. It will just depend as to which specific painting tools you need. If you are an artistic painter then you really have to invest in quality painting tools that can allow you to create the best art pieces. You need to use different brushes, palettes, painting products and a whole lot more to be able to create the masterpiece that you want.

The kind of painting tools needed by those people who intend to use these tools for construction and architectural enhancements differ. If you want to paint a newly built structure or if you want to renovate a particular structure then you also have to purchase another set of painting tools. You need to have paint products, ladder, paint roller, etc. These painting tools allow you to accomplish your tasks efficiently. Apart from that you also get to increase the aesthetic value of any structure or art piece with the kind of tools that you are using. That is why it is very important that you only get the best tools.

Consider the Price and the Quality

In buying the necessary painting tools, you just do not consider the price. Nowadays, most people would go after the cheapest products offered to them. Although getting the cheapest items does not necessarily mean that you cannot get good quality, you just have to be careful in your selection.
With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get low cost painting tools that have good quality.

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